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BLUEPEAK, for over three decades, has been taking care of shopping centers, parking lots, and trash enclosures on a routine schedule. According to our clients, our standard of cleanliness is above and beyond the competition. Having a lot porter service will make visiting your facility a much more pleasurable experience for both employees and customers.

How To Get Started

Book a call to discuss your situation, and set a time for BLUEPEAK to create a complimentary facility care plan. Even if you do not want us to do the porter work, we are happy to show you how to do it, free of charge!

Segment your property into the areas.

Outline tasks to be completed, and adjust frequency to best meet your needs.

Begin our onboarding process.

Schedule our start date.

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Consistency of attention to detail is key for a successful service. We produce great results, and seek continuous improvement over the life of our contract. This consistency shows in our client turnover of near 0% for 2022, in many years we have seen a perfect 0% in client turnover.


    The best way to manage client success is communication, and we offer 24/7 365 days per year support as well as onsite QR codes with response times below 10 minutes.


    We have put together a unique tech-stack that is optimized for our industry. Systems are intergral in delivering a high quality service, consistently.


    A crucital component of a strong facility services company is innovating a streamlined and efficient process. Same thing, same way, every time!


Client succes is our number one goal in doing business. We have a process that is broken down into a timeline for each Client. For the first week of service, we will provide daily inspections by your location's supervisor. Daily phone calls with your account manager. And for the remainder of your contract:

- Weekly and Monthly check-in calls with your account manager to optimize your service

- Ongoing inspections by your locations supervisor

- Quarterly optimization meetings with Owner of BLUEPEAK